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You will consult with a professional groomer each visit. Then you can discuss any special services or needs for your pet. We will keep all notes from previous services on record for easier check ins.

Grooming Services at Pup Culture Pet Spaw

A BASIC GROOMING PACKAGE includes a bath & massage with one of our luxurious, all natural shampoos & conditioning treatments. We will also clean ears, file and clip nails, fluff dry, brush out, & also brush your pet's teeth. We have a wonderful selection of shampoos included with this service, but you can also add a specialty shampoo for skin conditions & fleas.

SMALL TIDY is what your small pet may need between haircuts, or for any small cleanup. This would include eye corners, feet trimming, & sanitary cleanup.

LARGE TIDY is for dog that need a little trimming around the face or a large dog that needs a feather trim.

FULL HAIRCUT this would be a full haircut of your choice. We are experts at figuring out what you need, be it a standard breed cut, a trim, shave, or mowhawk.

Cat Grooming

Whether it be a flea bath, a nail trim, brush out, or a complete haircut, we offer cat grooming for all your feline friends!


NAIL TRIMMING & FILING is available for anyone who doesn't need a bath.

$25 for large dogs

$20 for medium sized dogs

$15 for small dogs

$20 for cats

TEETH BRUSHING for clients that just need their pet's teeth brushed.

$5 for dogs & cats


FEATHER EXTENSIONS are available by request for $5. Bows or bandannas are included at no extra charge

SHAMPOOS for skin problems, fleas or dry skin are all $5 additional, or choose one of our fine hypo-allergenic shampoos for free.

We have a very large shampoo selection that we can help you pick based on your individual needs

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