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We're open!

Pup Culture is open for business!

It has been a bit of a long road, but we finally opened our doors on Saturday, December 22nd, and everything is going great! I've gotten a chance to meet a bunch of new clients and neighbors, and I'm so pleased with the responses about our services and our little boutique.

We will be offering our clients 10% off their first visit. This includes anything.. from grooming & nail trimming, to treats, toys & pet pottery!

Whether just a bath, or a full haircut, included in grooming services, is a complimentary specialty shampoo of your choice (for a limited time only), teeth brushing, nail filing, and a bow or bandanna.

Our store hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 9AM-4PM, and Sunday we groom cats by appointment only!

Stop by and check us out!

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Richard Nelson
Richard Nelson
Jan 02

I have been looking for a groomer in Oceanside and was delighted to find one so close to where I live. So, I drove over to talk with the folks. To do this, of course, you have to negotiate traffic, find a parking space and then walk to the door. The sign on the front says that Mondays are by appointment only and that Tuesday through Friday the hours are 9 to 4. I pulled on the door and it was locked. The groomer was inside, saw me, and didn't make the slightest move to acknowledge my presence at the door. Then I saw the notice which read that I had to call first. I called, but no one a…

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